Terms & Conditions

All purchases and bookings made through this website are subject to the following 

Terms and Conditions 

Cancellation, reservation modification and refund policy 

Oceanscape Lda. (“Oceanscape”) reserves the right to cancel tours due to weather conditions or other unforeseenforce majeure events. In the case of such a cancellation, customers are entitled to a full refund if the reservation cannot be rescheduled at their convencience. 

Customers can cancel their reservation at any time, and will receive a 50% refund as long as the cancellation (by phone or email) occurs 3 days before the scheduled departure date. 

Please note that if the Customer made the booking through a booking agent –such as a hotel– all refunds are to be obtained directly from the booking agent. 

No refunds will be given to Customers that fail to arrive on-time at the pre-arranged meeting point before boarding. 

Oceanscape obligations and responsibilities 

Oceanscape is required to have subscribed accident and liability insurance covering all passengers in accordance to Portuguese law.

All Oceanscape vessels carry safety, signalling, communications and medical emergency equipment required by applicable regulations. 

All Oceanscape skippers carry the required coastal navigation licence. 

Customer obligations and responsibilities

Once on-board, customers are required to follow the orders of the skipper, in particular regarding the wearing of life vests, supervision of children and in emergency situations. 

Children must be aged 2 years or older, and able to walk. Liability Oceanscape is not liable for : Any en-route changes to a tour itinerary in response to weather conditions or other force majeure events, and to guarantee the safety of all passengers. 

Damage and/or loss of Customers’ property (except as covered and paid through Oceanscape’s insurance coverage). Customers take property on board entirely at their own risk.

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